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I’m Back!

Hey Everyone!

I apologize for not blogging a lot lately, I guess this little baby is taking more time that I expected!  I can’t believe how my life changed as soon as Piper was born, but I am not complaining.  It was an amazing change that I and my husband needed!  I might not have time to shower everyday or sleep, but looking at her little face makes it worth it :)

I am so happy to get started in motherhood and my online career at the same time!  It’s a whirlwind, but I am so excited to be able to stay home with her and not go back to my office working 9 to 5.  That gives me the drive to do it all, but it helps that the online business is pretty easy!  I watched Tracey Walker’s interview and I got so inspired to work even harder from home.  She definitely is a role model for people taking control of their lives and income.

Another interesting thing, my friend Lindy left for Bali today in order to take control of her life.  She has been doing this home business since February and was able to quit her job and move to Bali!!  I owe her for the opportunity she shared with me and wish her the best in living her dreams!  I hope my little one likes to fly, because we would love to go and visit her at her beach house.

I am sure there is a baby that needs to be fed so chow!

See what I mean? Look at this little face!

See what I mean? Look at this little face!



Home Based Business Guru Tracey Walker Featured on ABC News!!!!

This is a huge for Empower Network and home based businesses!

Tracey Walker, one of my team mates with EN was featured on the ABC 7 News speaking about home based businesses.  After different successes in the real estate world, Tracey went bankrupt twice with the collapse of the industry.  This sparked the fuse for Tracey to start the same home based business that I am so fortunate to be a part of.  Tracey has become the top paid female and it can happen for anyone who wants to take the steps to change their lives!

Just like Tracey, I started this business to have control over my life and my income.  I am able to stay home and take care of my new baby while bringing in an income that can support my entire family!

If you want to start the same home based business that Tracey started in order to pull herself out of bankruptcy it’s as easy as starting right here!

A new home based business is estimated to start ever 12 seconds in America….why let everyone else take advantage of it?


Watch the ABC interview below with Tracey Walker,


New Baby!

So I was heading out to visit family when suddenly, my water broke; then this happened….

Piper Hospita

Let me describe this…..

This is a precious little baby girl that made me realize a few things…

1) My life has changed for the better

2) I could love something more than life

3) I have a reason to work harder and just be better

4) Heck, I have more of a reason to get out of bed…just to see that little face and hold her in my arms

This…this is my miracle; my new baby girl  Piper Jubilee Brook

I am going to try my hardest to keep up on my blog daily in the next couple of days…but I can’t make any promises when I get lost in this little one’s face :)


A very happy new mom :)

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Terrified for the Future…..

I remember my mother telling me something similar to this quote when I was very young and was upset because someone had said something mean to me at school….


I am a person who always thinks ahead and stresses over things that haven’t even happened, or might not happen.  If I had a dime for every time someone has told me to calm down because we will simply “cross that bridge when we get there”, I’d be pretty wealthy by now…but that won’t change my way of thinking.  

Like all new or ‘soon to be’ moms, I constantly think about my little one and the problems we might face in the future…right now, my biggest fear is bullying.  I wasn’t bullied too much, but enough that it effected me.  Fast forward to now, I don’t think I could have handled being bullied in this generation.  With all of the new technologies that have sprung up, it takes bullying to a whole new level.  Cyber-bullying? Really? You know, since the normal bullying wasn’t bad enough when I was in school, now people can do it over text messaging or social media.

I would hate to think that my daughter will face this when she is in school and the big question is…. how in the hell will I handle that!  My mother just retired as a teacher and sadly, she didn’t have faith in the school system to handle it either. All I know is that it will break my heart to see my children going through something like that and there seems to be many ways to step in, but they each can backfire.

What will break my heart more? What if my daughter IS the bully?  Will it matter how she is raised or taught…will she cave into the pressure of the ‘cool group’ and become something that we raised her not to be?

I guess I need to just calm down and cross that bridge when or if I get there….

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Baby yet? Nope!

A couple of days past my due date and no baby yet…am I getting impatient and want her out?  No, she can come out when she is ready :) As much as I want to meet this little life changer, I am sure she is going to take after her father and do things when she is good and ready….they more we try to push….the more she will resist!  Normally, that would drive me completely up the wall, I’m not going to lie.  Fortunately, after being around my husband for almost 8 years, I have learned to love and respect that quality as it definitely balances me out!

So take your time baby girl…just don’t wait till you are huge! You and I may have a problem then….



New Baby Anxieties!

Since I am due any day now with my first baby a lot of people are asking me if I am excited.  In fact, that is the next question after “how are you feeling?”

If I was honest and had time I would tell these people this…..

At the moment, I am not excited.  I am nervous, anxious and in fact, SCARED AS HELL!  Am I excited to start a new chapter in my life and become a mother; of course I am.  There is just a lot more too it.  I continue to be told that every women will experience child birth uniquely and that it is different for everyone….yeah that doesn’t help me.  I am the type that needs everything planned out and need to have control of a situation.  Do you see where I am going with this?  I hate the unexpected.

Fast forward to after the birth….I am holding our little girl in my arms and she grabs my finger for the first time.  Am I excited? Yes, but at the same time I am SCARED AS HELL!  My husband and I are now are in charge of a little human being…a little life.  Everything we do will influence this little life; good or bad.  This is a lot of weight to carry.  This little girl hasn’t came into the world yet and I have more respect for every mother out there then they’d ever know.  I do have to say that I am happy that the only ones who may feel the need to judge my parenting skills may be the odd friend or family member.  It’s sad to think that there is a percentage of the world who are watching and judging William and Kate raise baby George or even Kim Kardashian with her little one.

At the end of the day, I know my husband and I are blessed and my maternal instincts will kick in when this life changing little girl comes into the world…oh man do I hope so!  I am sure that seeing her smile for the first time or crawl…talk…walk…will make every ounce of worry worth it.

With all this being said……when people continue to ask me if  I am excited, I will smile and say, “yes”.


A Hormonal Pregnant Women :)

Our little one when I was almost 7 months pregnant :) Gotta Love those chubby cheeks!

Our little one when I was almost 7 months pregnant :) Gotta Love those chubby cheeks!

Hello World!!

Well hello there….

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Nickie Brook and my husband’s name is Brandon.  We have been lucky in love for the last 8 years and got married in June of 2012.  I am happy to announce that we are expecting a little baby girl any day now….well according to the ultrasounds it is as girl….better be since we have a whole lot of pink around this house!

I am entering the blogging world and I am very excited to share a glimpse into our life and my personality!

I am in love with anything in the arts and have my hands in a lot of the different elements.  I am an artist, dancer, photographer, writer and even like to design a few cakes! My imagination doesn’t stop and even though I am very logical, that dreamer side of me will always exist.

I enjoy laughing as much as I can and have pretty interesting sense of humor.  I value family and friends as they help to shape who we are.

My husband and I are entering a new chapter in our lives not only with the baby on her way, but me not working, but yet being able to have the same income….let our journey begin to live the life that WE want to live.  I hope you tag along……


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