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Another Baby? Come on People, Give me a Minute!

So I have noticed that when certain life events happen people seem to ask the same questions….

When I was getting married – “Are you getting excited?”   No I am just marrying the man of my dreams…no excitement there.

After I was married – “When are you going to have kids?”  I don’t know, when we decide that we want our lives to change….or when the Trojans lose a battle .

When I was pregnant – “Are you getting excited?”  Wait a minute, I think I heard this one before.

Finally, the newest one that I continue to hear now – “When are you going to have a another baby?”

Really? I know this is a common question that people feel like they must ask, but I repeat… Really?  I just had my first child a month ago, at least let enough time pass by that I somewhat forget the pain that is child birth!  Hell, I just got use to seeing my feet again…trust me, that is a big deal.  Don’t get me wrong, motherhood is amazing and I love my little girl to pieces, but I am not ready for number two quite yet.  We know we would like another child but we need to make sure we are not screwing this one up first before bringing another into this world.  So to answer this question…I DON’T KNOW!

Now, out of the blog world my answer will be those same three words, but said with a laugh and in a lot sweeter tone.  Well, the level of sweetness depends on how much the little one slept the night before…..

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Peter Pan Theory

For as long as I remember, I always wanted to grow up….to be an adult.  This goes as far back as when I was just a little girl.  As odd as it sounds,  I think I did.  I wanted it so bad for some reason that I always seemed to act a few years above my age.  To make myself clear, I am not talking about the time in Grade One when I stuffed my dance bodysuit with Barbie doll clothes in order to have a B cup or when I plastered enough makeup on my face that same year that it looked like I admired the local hooker.

I figured I would mention this since my mother and Grade One teacher bring it up every chance they get….yes it even found it’s way into my wedding. 

What I am talking about is my maturity level and the level of responsibilities that I wanted to take on.  Whether this was cooking for my family or helping give my friends advice, I just wanted to be older.  Now I look back and think; why?  Why in the world was I in such a hurry to grow up?  I feel like the world was such a better place when I could believe in Peter Pan.  With this came the belief that anything is possible when you just think of a happy thought.  Maybe it can still be like that…stay with me here.  When bad things happen to us or others that we hear about on the news and it effects us…why not just think of a happy thought?  In times like these, think about the good things in your life that others might not have or just the good that comes out in people when bad things happen.  Unlike what happens in Neverland, we won’t physically fly but we have the opportunity to fly emotionally.

At the same effect, it doesn’t hurt to simply do what Tinkerbell suggests and just believe.  Yes, I understand that Neverland exists on paper or film only or that fairies don’t die when children don’t believe in them.  I am just saying that when you are having a bad day and are tired of the stresses from the real world, there is no harm in having an imagination and taking the time to mentally go to your happy place; your Neverland.

I can’t wait until my daughter gets older when I can rock her gently and read her stories.  I can’t wait till I can introduce her to Peter Pan and the Neverland gang.  I can’t wait until I can see the belief in her eyes or hear it in her voice.  I can’t wait until I can believe along side her and return to Neverland once again….


I did it again…



We all have those days…and so did I.

I did it again…I made coffee with no cup.  It was first thing in the morning and my Tassimo got the best of me.  I don’t know what was worse, actually putting in the disc and pressing the button without putting a cup underneath or how long it actually took me to figure out where the hell the coffee went when I came back into the kitchen!  Thank god for that little cup holder at the bottom that caught all of the coffee saving me from having to clean up the counter.  I am sad to admit that this happens too many times.  The funny thing is (like the whole thing isn’t funny) my one month old actually slept for over 7 hours the night before, which meant I got more sleep then I have since she was born…but yet I lost against an appliance.

You win this time coffee pot….you win.


Embarrassed Dumbass!

Charlie Bit Me!

You know, there are just some things that will always bring a smile to my face and this is one of them….  

I remember seeing this years ago and I stumbled across it again.  It makes me laugh each time I see it and always makes a bad day a little better so I thought I would share it with you in case you needed a smile after a bad day :)  Now…if you really had a bad day, I posted the ‘remix’ version below the original.  Yes, you read correctly…there is actually a remix!  If this doesn’t make you smile, then I apologize for not amusing you enough today…I shall try harder another day 😛



Art Inspired

I have drawn a lot of pictures and each one has helped me develop my skills in different ways.  There are two in particular that I will never forget that developed me as an artist and as a person.  I was told by one of my college professors that my artwork was good and it was a remarkable resemblance of what I was intending to draw but something was missing and I was not a true artist yet.  I was almost too egocentric and feeling insulted to listen to what he said next….but I did.  He said that “artists will have a few magical moments that inspire them beyond reason and when that happens, their artwork changes in a way that makes them a true artist”.  Confused, I tried to question him and all he kept telling me is that I will know when those moments happened and it will change me and the artist I was meant to be.  Well, I was 19 and thought he was a crazy man that should have retired years prior; that was until about 4 years later…..when I suddenly found truth in this wise man’s words.  I had two moments.

This is the first picture that I worked on that created one of those ‘moments’ and I am sure you can understand why…..


The story?  I was honoured to be selected as the Artist of the Month in our small city and had the opportunity to have my an art exhibited for a month in a gallery style.  I was looking for some pictures to draw to add to my pieces and complete my exhibit.  I asked a friend of mine who’s husband was in the Canadian Military and she jumped at the chance and gave me a couple pictures.  I drew a picture of her husband first which was a close up, face portrait that I normally did as it was in my comfort zone.  Like most of my drawings, I completed it in less then two hours.  The next pictured I started on was the one above.  This picture was of the other gentleman’s friend and was taken while they were deployed in Afghanistan.  This picture had a lot more too it.  This picture did not exist in my comfort zone.  This picture changed me. 

My patience was getting tried and I kept struggling with the detail.  When I wanted to give up and choose a different picture to draw, I would focus on the truth that lived in this picture.  I did not know this man, but I could see what he stood for and only imagine what he and others in his position went through and why….heck, and all I had to do was draw.  After about 9 hours and a lot of erasing; I finished.  I stood back, took a breath and studied my accomplishment.  I had my moment.  I felt like I captured the inspiration and I found in this drawing what all of my others had been missing.  Till this day I can’t explain it, but yet, I understand it.  After this drawing, I realized I could venture out of my comfort zone and tackle the more difficult pictures.  I built upon my confidence and increased my patience…which if you knew me, you would know it is not easy to do!  My art has expanded since this picture and I will be forever grateful for that.

The second moment…

I didn’t want to post the picture in order to protect people’s privacy, but I would still like to tell my story as it changed my outlook to who I was as an artist and it gave me an understanding of a small but meaningful purpose.  I decided to do a drawing for a friend who had lost her husband a year prior and her family was able to find me nice picture of the two of them.  Her husband had an accident years ago that left him in pain a lot of the times and he found himself struggling, but he was a very strong man, filled with kindness.  I didn’t have a lot of trouble with most of the picture, but I had some trouble drawing his eyes because there was some shadow in the picture and I couldn’t see the detail that I needed.  I did some erasing, and was getting worried because I think that the eyes in a drawing hold a lot of value to the identity of the person in the portrait.  If the eyes are a little off, it could change the picture completely and not look like the person at all.  For the first time, I didn’t rely fully on the picture, I just drew what I felt was right. 

After all said and done, I framed and wrapped the picture.  My friend didn’t know that I was drawing this so I gave it to her at a small family gathering as a surprise and I will never forget her reaction when she opened it…. she cried and couldn’t stop.  At first I thought I didn’t do a good job and my portrayal of his eyes must have ruined the picture.  When I clearly focused, I realized that her tears where those of happiness.  Another thing happened; I cried.  People who know me can tell you that I don’t cry.  I can count on one hand the amount of times that I cried in my adult life, but I cried.  It hit me like a tonne of bricks when she turned to me and told me, “It’s his eyes, they’re his eyes before his accident, before his pain…it’s like he’s telling me he isn’t in pain anymore”.  She explained that the drawing helped her in so many ways and she continued to thank me.  I will never know what or who was guiding my hand when I drew his eyes, but something happened.  That was the moment I learnt to trust in other things than the picture I am using.  That was the moment that I knew why I wanted to draw….to make people happy.  I not only draw for the love of drawing, but the passion to make people happy or evoke the feelings they need.  Just another way I can change the world of another person, even it is just for a second.  That purpose is priceless.



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The Unthinkable Happened….

So I headed out for some quick shopping with my husband and little Piper.  I was left in the vehicle while my husband ran into a store to pick something up.  Piper was sleeping soundly so I grabbed my purse and started digging through it,  I felt panic set in as I realized that the unthinkable happened…..I forgot my cell phone at home!

That meant I had to sit in the vehicle and just wait…just wait without texting, surfing the web, going on Facebook or Twitter.  The misery I felt was unreal, and really…it was just not right!  Rewind back about 15 years….when my then called ‘dinosaur’ cell phone didn’t have web access and ‘texting’ wasn’t cool yet.  I am pretty sure I could wait in line at a grocery store or wait for my turn at the doctors office without needing to pick up my cell phone.  Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t really the patient type, but I think I am a lot worse with the new technology out there.  Now that I am used to having my phone during any ‘wait times’ I find it impossible to wait at all without it.  I can remember waiting a long time for pages to load when I had dial up internet.  Now, with having high speed for so long, I have a hissy fit when I have to wait for more then 10 seconds for a page to load!

There isn’t a huge meaning to this blog, but I guess I am just thinking that there is always the odd con weighing on the scale along with the pros of new technology and this ever changing world.  Now with this being said, am I planning on ‘forgetting’ my cell phone here and there again…..HELL NO!

Signed…the impatient one


Aldrich Lloyd Talonding on Ellen

Young fillipino boy sings amazingly on Ellen!  His father past away so this song was so touching.  His voice definitely gives me goosebumps….. I wanted to share! Yes, I am aware that I made two posts about Ellen…what can I say, I stay at home now which means day time TV!


Always Take Advantage of Everyday

I didn’t think I would ever start a blog like this but here it goes….

So, when I was watching Ellen today…..I was overcome with many emotions.  Ellen Degeneres focused on the F5 tornado that went through Moore, Oklahoma on May 20th of this year.  I saw the reports when it had happened and it did spark emotion, but I was taken to a new level today as the two principals of the elementary schools that were hit by the tornado were on Ellen’s premiere show.  These women are heros and it hurts my heart to think that the one principal lost 7 students….that means 7 parents lost their children.  It evoked tears as the principal put blame on herself and felt that she broke a huge promise to the children and parents.  As a principal and part of the educational community, she felt like she makes a promise everyday that she will care for all of the students and keep them safe so they return home.  What this remarkable women is forgetting is how many young lives she did save during this horrible time.  With an F5 tornado, the deck is stacked against anyone in it’s path so the fact that over 600 children and teachers survived is a miracle….and a large part of this is because of these two ladies.  They tried to get everyone to safety and after the tornado hit, they went through all of the wreckage and dug out children.  They dug for hours and got help to continue their search.

After watching the episode, I kept thinking about how you need to take advantage of the time that we have because sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard we try to keep our loved one’s safe, fate can have other plans.  As I look at my baby girl, my heart goes out to the families who lost their children and to all of the children that had to endure this.  I shed a tear as the ladies told Ellen how they found the children who were buried in the debris.  The children were covered in mud and dirt, but when they saw their principals and heard their voices, the children smiled and the ladies and rescuers could see the bright white of their teeth.  This just helps me believe that in life, a lot of dirt can get thrown at us, but the best way to get through it is to be strong and try to get through the trouble times with a smile on our face.