Monthly Archives: October 2013

Needle Update…

Okay, so if it wasn’t bad enough to watch my little innocent baby getting her immunizations, the nurse made my husband and I get a couple too! THE NERVE! lol That is quite the trap that they have going on…bring your baby in but SURPRISE, you get tortured too! Well played public health, well played.

They were smart though because they had a student nurse helping out…I guess they wanted to make it a fair fight with two against two.  They must have saw my wrath coming…

At the end of the day, Baby Piper took it like a champ…I wish I could say the same for her parents.


– Nickie

The time is now…

So my baby girl is 2 months old and that means the worst thing…. the time is now for her two month IMMUNIZATIONS!

I know it is what is best for her, but my heart shivers a little when thinking about my helpless little baby getting a needle.  I hate seeing her in pain!

I hope we both take it like a champ and I do not attempt to beat the hell out of the sweet nurse who is the unfortunate one to give MY kid a needle! She might wish she didn’t go into nursing….

I got this…well hopefully for the nurse’s sake.

Question; can I write my blog from prison? 😉


Andy and Amy’s Haunted House

Ellen sends her writer and executive producer into Universal Studio’s Walking Dead haunted house and it’s hilarious!!! I had to share this :)

I don’t think I would have gone in unless I had a couple pairs of extra underwear!!!  With my flight or fight response, I probably would have punched a zombie out….


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Dear Magpie….

…shut the hell up you jerk!

While you are doing that, you might as well stop crapping all over my cement pad….you rude, rude bird.  I am assuming you didn’t go south with the Canadian Geese because they don’t like you either!!  I am sure you kept squawking in their ears during the very early mornings too.  We could be friends if you could just chirp (squawk) during the afternoons only and stop using my yard as a toilet.  Since I am listing my demands, I wish you would stop being a bully to the Robins and let them eat their food… being that I put it out for them,not you.

I wish I could borrow the ninja squirrel for just one day…you’d get yours!

So you win this time Magpie, you win.


Your new enemy.


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– Nickie

Beware of the…Squirrel!


Awww, how cute right? How can these guys be harmful?  I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the squirrel’s cuteness is a trap! Don’t fall for it!

You need to be afraid of these evil little creatures.  Why you ask? Well let me give you two reasons.

Reason 1

My brother has squirrels living in the attic of his house and they run around, make a mess and are completely annoying.  Since my lovely brother has no clue how to catch these little terrors, he decided to put mouse poison in the attic and see what would happen.  The next night while he was trying to sleep, he could hear the squirrels dragging the poison block all over the attic.  There was a little hole above my brother’s bed so I am convinced that the squirrels where planning to push the block through the hole when my brother was sleeping to try and get it in his mouth! I know this is far fetched but Reason 2 is why I believe it!

Reason 2

My mom would sit at home on the farm and watch the birds fly around the deck and she would always notice Mr. Rocky.  Rocky was a squirrel that was always around the house causing trouble.  He would stuff crab apples in all the vehicles and would steal the dog’s bedding.  Those are just two examples of his annoying antics.  It was all pretty innocent until that one day…that one day that I am sure forever gave my mother nightmares.  As my mom was watching the birds she saw Rocky had a pile of bird seed and dog food on the deck but he was not really visible.  She had no clue what he was up to.  Not too long after, a little bird flew to Rocky’s pile and was still.  All of a sudden, Rocky came out of nowhere like a ninja and actually snapped the little bird’s neck and killed him! This may sound crazy, but it happened!  The squirrel was setting traps for the birds…not sure why he needed them dead but I guess he did want to steal the bird food and it would have been easier if the birds were out of the picture…oh my goodness, I am actually trying to decipher the motives of a squirrel.

People don’t realize how intelligent squirrels are and always underestimate them!  Don’t be one of them. Be afraid, be very afraid!

I would like to summarize with this…..


Can I be Thankful that Thanksgiving is Over?

Well it’s over, and the only trace of thanksgiving that remains is one more container of leftovers…and the one pound on my ass!

As much as it was nice to gather around a turkey and enjoy a holiday with my family, I have to admit I am glad that it is over.  Let’s be honest, that turkey did not cook itself!  It is exhausting to cook all of that food and get things ready but I am glad that I did it.  Now it’s nice to relax with my little one and get back to normal….well relax as much as possible with an almost 8 week old at home :)

Now to reflect on what this holiday is meant for and truly think about what I am thankful for.  It is pretty easy and doesn’t take much thought.  I am thankful for my little girl, my awesome husband (who is an amazing daddy) and my wonderful mom who helped me clean and prepare for the holiday.

Guess what all of my American friends…it’s now your turn!

Happy Holidays :)


Mom’s Night Out! Wait…What am I Doing??


My husband is working out of town so my wonderful mother is coming in tomorrow night to watch little Piper.  Yes, I get a MOM’S NIGHT OUT and where am I going? I am going to a tupperware party.  Don’t re-read this, you read it right the first time…I am going to a tupperware party.

I wonder if it will be more exciting if I say it this way….YAY, I get to go to a TUPPERWARE PARTY!!!

Nope, still lame.  At least I get to go out for supper and actually eat my meal while it’s still hot :) Oh life’s little moments.

                                                                      PS. Tupperware rocks!

I Did it, I am Finally Funny!

….well at least my 6 week old thinks so!




Sorry for the blurriness, she was moving too much for my phone camera!  I love how she looks like she has no hair on the top of her head with the lighting! I can’t wait for more laughs with my little girl :)


Mommy the Comedian

PS… I needed to throw this one in there since she is so cute with her little grin!