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Attention, This is Not a Drill!!!

…my little girl turned 6 months old today!!!!  I can’t believe how quick the time flew by, but I love her little developments and it has been amazing to watch her grow and see her little personality come out!  I have made it my goal to take studio pictures (in my home) of my little girl every month on the 23rd, so I wanted to share todays with all of you.


This is for all of you who have requested more photos of Piper Jubilee!  Enjoy :)

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Top 10 Olympic Hockey Moments!

In honor of my fellow Canadians and the big gold medal game tomorrow, I thought I would share the top goals in history for Team Canada and the top 10 plays of the Vancouver Olympics 2010 – Enjoy!

PS – I would like to add… Go Canada Go!


Top 10 Team Canada Hockey Goals of All Time!


Top 10 Hockey Plays of the 2010 Winter Olympics


Stop Hating Your “Mommy Tummy”

_68706499__jtb4638-edit I ran across this picture by photographer, Jade Beall and fell in love with the power behind it.  This mother, like many others has a slightly different body after becoming a mother.

What did you focus on in that statement?

It should have been the most important part…the fact that this women became a mother.  Just like a Ferrari, becoming a mother is a luxury that a lot of women don’t get to have.  When I say or hear the term, ‘mommy tummy’, I now think about it as a gift, just like my little girl.

Why do we as mothers hate our post baby bodies?  Why do we look at it with disgust?

I have to admit, I was guilty of this.  I was saddened when I saw my tummy with some stretch mark scars and not as tight as it once used to be.  When I voiced my concern to my own mother, her answer was simple.

“Well, you had a baby”

This may have been the strongest statement I heard in a long time.  A little while after she said that, I was rocking my little girl to sleep and a tear rolled down my cheek as I softly whispered, “Yes, I had a baby“.

After that realization, I started to look at my new body for what it says, not of how it looks.

It says that I accomplished something amazing.

It says that I am strong.

It says that I am a fighter.

In other words, those are not stretch mark scars, those are  tiger stripes.

Still hating that body?  Every time you look in the mirror and are disgusted with your “mommy tummy”, remind yourself that there are millions of women who wish everyday that their stomaches looked like that.  Remind yourself that you were blessed with becoming a mother and that should outweigh the need to look ‘airbrushed’ while wearing a bikini.  Let each stretch mark symbolize a woman who can’t have children or even lost a child.

So ladies, OWN IT!  Wear it proudly! It is not a side effect, it’s Medal of freak’n Honor!



Top 7 Valentine’s Day You Tube Videos!

I wanted to do something special for Valentines Day! Unfortunately for my hubby, not for him…but for all of you!  I put together 7 of my favourite Valentine’s Day Videos – Enjoy!


Valentine’s Day Proposal Robbery Prank



Top Five Flirty Fails



Be My Valentine – 5 Funny Videos In 1



Those Boys in Love Are Persistent Even In Pull-Ups!



I Would Kill My Husband If He Did This… Valentine’s Day Chocolates Prank



The Definition of ‘Love’…to a Kid!



A Tongue Twisted Valentine


Another ‘Moment’ For the List!

The moment when you just get back from the hair salon, lift your baby up in the air and down for a kiss when she spits up in your hair.

I guess my haircut did not get my diva daughter’s approval.  Sadly enough, I was extremely happy…that it didn’t get into my mouth that is.  If this keeps up, I am going to have a second edition to the mom additions of ‘the moment when’ very soon!

What The Heck is Going On???

So in one day, all of this happened…

1) Got my hair pulled numerous times

2) Was screamed at three times

3) Had one of my earrings yanked out

4)  Was pinched in my neck

5)  Had my face scratched

Don’t be alarmed, the culprit is only 5 months old.

Hello, my name is Nickie and my baby is a bully.  It’s okay because she is stink’n cute! The joys of being a mom and loving every minute of it 😉