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I’m Not Missing…I’m on Vacation!

I’m sure some of you have noticed that I haven’t been blogging a lot lately.  I was spending a lot of time on my books as they are in the final publishing stages.  After that, we left for Ontario for Piper’s baptism and visiting family.  I was planning on blogging a lot while here, but got distracted by Niagara falls and wine tours…ok, maybe just wine in general.  I really needed this vacation!

It has been a success thus far as my little weirdo loved the plane ride.  This mother isn’t complaining!  She was all smiles and was flirting with a little baby boy behind us (yep, she’s definitely my child) and didn’t cry at all. Since it’s 2014…we have plane selfies!

Plane Selfies!!

Our visit to Niagara falls was great and it was interesting to watch Piper stare and smile at the falls.  We are only 30 minutes away at Nana and Papa’s house so we have gone back a few times and will be heading there again today.  Mostly since I left my mother there two days ago! We might go for lunch again at the Rain Forest Café because we can have a full relaxing meal because Piper is too busy watching the electronic animals to be a pain in the bottom! 



Fun at the Falls!

Fun at the Falls!

On this trip we discovered that Piper goes nuts when she sees animals.  She giggles and tries to talk to them.  Who knows, maybe they are the only mammals that can understand her!  We are going to take her to some zoos and hopefully she doesn’t get entered into the exhibits after she acts so nutsy to see all of the animals!  Well, maybe they can keep her with the monkeys for a couple of days!


The True Meaning of Mother’s Day

I’ve always respected Mother’s Day since I respected my mother and everything she did.  I can definitely say that I have a truly different understanding now that I am a mother.  I know every mother out there is different, but I see this day as something different.  Many people treat it as a day to reflect on what your mother has done for you and having the opportunity to show her how much you appreciate her.  I see it the other way around.  This is a day for the mothers to reflect on the joys of simply being a mother.  This joy is a wish not granted for many women in the world and one that others take for granted.  

My excitement grew as Mother’s Day approached this year because I was finally in the category.  I’m a mother now.  This made me respect how much of an honour it is.  It will be nice to get gifts but my favourite gift this year is going to be my beautiful little girl.  Piper is the gift that will keep on giving, and no I don’t mean diapers and spit up (even though I get a lot of those types of gifts from her) I keep getting smiles, giggles and all of those milestones that I will not take for granted.  

For those who truly think of Mother’s Day as a time to reflect on how amazing our mothers are and show our gratitude, I have one question for you.

Why do we wait for a calendar to tell us to do this? 

We should never forget what our mothers have done for us and who we are because of them.  We should take every opportunity we get to show our appreciation.  Sometimes we take our mothers for granted, but it’s a wish not granted for many.

In conclusion, I don’t have to buy my mother a gift this Mother’s Day, because she has me as a daughter; best darn gift ever….just kidding 😉

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother and mother-in-law, whom have been amazing EVERYDAY this year, not just on May 11th.  

From this mother to all of the other superheroes out there…

Happy Mother's Day

I Guess Hiding a House Key is Beneficial…Who Knew?

I started to go on more walks with Piper since the weather was finally starting to warm up.  Let me be more specific for my Canadian friends.  I was referring to a week ago, not the last few days when we got snow AGAIN.  I know what I should expect when I live here, but I hate that we have to welcome May with snow.  Okay, back on topic.  As I was taking Piper out more often, I was just waiting for it to happen.  And IT did! I locked the two of us out of the house.  

We have an automated deadbolt with a key pad so I normally leave my keys behind, but I somehow locked the door handle on my numerous trips in and out of the house.  That darn kid kept forgetting her things.  Okay, her darn mother was the one doing the forgetting.  

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, the unthinkable happened.  I realized that Piper’s soother was IN THE HOUSE! (insert scary music here) That’s when the panic set in.

This is EXACTLY how I looked after the soother revelation

My husband was about 4 hours away from home and I’m locked out of the house with a baby and a poor excuse for a ‘packed’ diaper bag.  So…off to grandmothers we went!  Luckily, my wonderful in-laws live in the same city.  My mother-in-law was home and has baby supplies, so away we went.  We walked the 45 minutes across the little city.  I should clarify that Piper didn’t walk, she sat on her little baby butt while I pushed.  On the bright side, I didn’t need to do a workout that night.

It all worked out great.  The weather was perfect for us and Piper looked pretty awesome strolling through the city with her hat and sunglasses.  Her amazing Nana even went out and bought Piper a new soother for the afternoon!  

Moral of the story; don’t go for walks if you’re a blonde.  Okay, the actual lesson here is to always have a hidden spare key, especially when you have a baby and are expected to be responsible. My bad.