Monthly Archives: August 2016

Happy Birthday, Piper!

Dear Piper,

Wow…you’re 3 already! You’ve changed so much in just one year and we can’t get over the little person you’ve become. Whether your turning a simple song like, The ABC’s into hardcore rock, dancing like you’ve had too much wine, or saying what’s on your mind (even though it doesn’t totally come on right) you always provide us with endless entertainment!  You definitely have “spunk” and a smile that’s as bright as your personality.  We definitely noticed how much brighter your smile got when we brought your baby brother home. He’s lucky to have a sister who’s very protective and licks him with love (that’s not a typo, you should probably stop licking your brother).

You love music, gymnastics, princesses, disney, your family and camping at Great Grandpa’s farm.  We love how smart you are, but the backseat driving really needs to stop! Trust me, we know where Nana, Grandma and Great Grandma lives, and Mommy definitely knows where Tim Hortins is!

We’re blessed to have witnessed your milestones and look forward to ones left to come.  Before we know it, we’ll be packing your lunch for your first day of school.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Little Foot….bring on number 4!

Love always,

Mom and Dad.