A Letter to Axel and His First Birthday

Dear Axel,

I can’t believe that a year has flown by and you have changed so much. I’m not going to lie, I was a little scared of having a boy. It was such a new world to me, but the moment I saw you, any fears faded away because you were mine. You’ve changed our family so much in the best way possible and one of my favourite things to see is your big sister love you so much. Even though I’m getting a little tired of reminding Piper that you’re not her baby, nothing beats waking up to you talking in your crib, then hearing Piper run to your side and say, “good morning, my handsome prince”. This happens almost every morning and always makes me smile…despite of the early hour!

You’re so full of love, especially with your epic hugs and kisses. Even though you like to sometimes pull hair to bring someone in for a kiss, it’s worth it. One day you’ll learn that you shouldn’t force people to kiss you…hopefully. I pray that giant heart of yours never changes, because that’s something you and I have in common; that and your love of food. The gasp of excitement you have when food is put in front of you is beyond adorable and recognizable. I’m sorry that you have my hair gene and my advice to you is to get close to hairstylists so you can get a discount on the monthly (or more) haircuts you’ll need; it get’s pretty costly. That little evil laugh that you have (and use at appropriate times) makes us laugh every time. I just wished I caught it on camera!

I can’t stop you from growing, but I can hope that you never change. You’re loveable, goofy and a little unpredictable. You’re our little, Axie.

Love Always,


PS – I was so happy to create your first birthday movie…but not your last :)


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