A Letter to Piper on her 2nd Birthday

Dear Piper,

As I sit here, trying to wrap my head around the situation we find ourselves in; I’m struggling to find the words. It’s in disbelieve that I say you’re officially two years old. Just when I was going to say the old cliche, “where did the time go?”, I smile, knowing exactly where the time went. It went to smiling, laughing and loving our way into many cherished memories. I try not to shed a tear for the time that went by way too fast, but smile in anticipation as I await more changes and milestones. 

This was a great year as our family and I got to hear you talk more and more (you must get that from your dad) and see how much more you could do and understand. Everyday you surprised me with another thing you could do. Sometimes it was adding another letter to your ABC vocabulary, knowing how to put on your shoes (hopefully you’ll learn how to match them soon) and knowing who the people around you are. Your personality was strong from the start, but it shown through even more. You’re just like your favourite characters on Mickey Mouse. You’re completely silly like Goofy, loving like Minnie, smart like Mickey and you occasionally pee on the floor, like Pluto. All in all, we love every piece of you and still can’t believe how much you enriched our lives with that contagious, little grin.

I can’t tell you how much you fill my soul with pride. I’m always gently reminding you of your manners, and to say, “thank-you” a lot. Really, I’m the one who should be saying it to you. Thank-you for the million hugs and kisses. Thank-you for the giggles and surprises. Thank-you for biting your father more than you bite me. Thank-you for being you and making everyday a lot better. Thank-you for introducing me to the Bubble Guppies, whom made me question everything I thought I knew about the ocean. Last but not least, thank-you for making me a mom.

Happy Birthday my sweet and feisty, Piper.



PS – Here’s another special birthday movie and a glimpse into the past year.



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