Another Baby? Come on People, Give me a Minute!

So I have noticed that when certain life events happen people seem to ask the same questions….

When I was getting married – “Are you getting excited?”   No I am just marrying the man of my dreams…no excitement there.

After I was married – “When are you going to have kids?”  I don’t know, when we decide that we want our lives to change….or when the Trojans lose a battle .

When I was pregnant – “Are you getting excited?”  Wait a minute, I think I heard this one before.

Finally, the newest one that I continue to hear now – “When are you going to have a another baby?”

Really? I know this is a common question that people feel like they must ask, but I repeat… Really?  I just had my first child a month ago, at least let enough time pass by that I somewhat forget the pain that is child birth!  Hell, I just got use to seeing my feet again…trust me, that is a big deal.  Don’t get me wrong, motherhood is amazing and I love my little girl to pieces, but I am not ready for number two quite yet.  We know we would like another child but we need to make sure we are not screwing this one up first before bringing another into this world.  So to answer this question…I DON’T KNOW!

Now, out of the blog world my answer will be those same three words, but said with a laugh and in a lot sweeter tone.  Well, the level of sweetness depends on how much the little one slept the night before…..

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