Another ‘Moment’ For the List!

The moment when you just get back from the hair salon, lift your baby up in the air and down for a kiss when she spits up in your hair.

I guess my haircut did not get my diva daughter’s approval.  Sadly enough, I was extremely happy…that it didn’t get into my mouth that is.  If this keeps up, I am going to have a second edition to the mom additions of ‘the moment when’ very soon!

8 thoughts on “Another ‘Moment’ For the List!

  1. richiesbabe

    we finally had a romantic dinner planned at home at 9pm after baby went to bed. i was in something small, black, and pretty—and candles were lit. as we were about to sit down to eat—baby cries. i pick baby up. baby pukes down my something small, black, and pretty. not only was i no longer pretty—i smelled.
    candles were blown out. dinner was covered. momma had to shower. and we took care of a sick infant for the rest of the night :)
    don’t you love how we plan things out???!!!
    great blog, by the way!

    1. Post author

      Thanks Brooke! I luckily haven’t had her sick to the point of puking, only congested. I am sure it will happen soon. I am finding a lot of plans changing pending on how well she sleeps at night!


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