Attention, This is Not a Drill!!!

…my little girl turned 6 months old today!!!!  I can’t believe how quick the time flew by, but I love her little developments and it has been amazing to watch her grow and see her little personality come out!  I have made it my goal to take studio pictures (in my home) of my little girl every month on the 23rd, so I wanted to share todays with all of you.


This is for all of you who have requested more photos of Piper Jubilee!  Enjoy :)

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6 thoughts on “Attention, This is Not a Drill!!!

  1. Charu

    Hey Nickie! Your girl is a cutie pie :) Even I click pictures of my daughter every month. She’ll be one year old next month. Time flies, indeed!

    1. Post author

      Oh wow, 1 year! I am sure I will blink and Piper will be 1 year already! I will be making a nice scrapbook of all of her monthly pictures and then add every year :)


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