Babies: The New Accessory of 2014

Before becoming a mother, I always made sure I accessorized with scarfs, jewelry or hats.  Like many, I liked those little extra things that people would notice and admire.  That has all changed.  My latest accessory that gets the most attention is Piper.  People don’t usually look past my adorable, pigtailed baby long enough to notice my new necklace or scarf! 

With this, you’d think that I don’t need to spend time accessorizing before I head out.  Well, you’d be wrong.  I have came to the realization that the more I accessorize my latest accessory, the more we get noticed.  Okay, I’ll be honest…the more SHE gets noticed.  I seem to be addicted to hearing all of the ‘awwws’ or seeing all of the smiles that she gets when we walk by people.  Now I spend too much time making sure Piper has her pigtails, bows and darling outfits.  I think I understand why my husband refers to Piper as my little doll. :) As proud as I am to get to show her off, it touches my heart to think that she makes someone’s day a little better.  You need to teach them young to make a positive difference so they get a jump start at changing the world.

It’s all good now, but what’s going to happen when my little accessory gets older…it’s coming too fast.  I guess I need to start working on designing my next little accessory! I’m not sure what you all are thinking, but I’m talking about a new purse…


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