Can I be Thankful that Thanksgiving is Over?

Well it’s over, and the only trace of thanksgiving that remains is one more container of leftovers…and the one pound on my ass!

As much as it was nice to gather around a turkey and enjoy a holiday with my family, I have to admit I am glad that it is over.  Let’s be honest, that turkey did not cook itself!  It is exhausting to cook all of that food and get things ready but I am glad that I did it.  Now it’s nice to relax with my little one and get back to normal….well relax as much as possible with an almost 8 week old at home :)

Now to reflect on what this holiday is meant for and truly think about what I am thankful for.  It is pretty easy and doesn’t take much thought.  I am thankful for my little girl, my awesome husband (who is an amazing daddy) and my wonderful mom who helped me clean and prepare for the holiday.

Guess what all of my American friends…it’s now your turn!

Happy Holidays :)


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