Christmas Baking…Nope!

1A lot of people I know have a Christmas baking marathon every year and I … well, don’t.  I have nothing against if others want to do it (and bring me some) but at the moment, it is not on my holiday agenda.  Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty good at baking and decorating, but you see….I have a slight problem.  Hello, I am Nickie and I am addicted to sweets.  To make this problem worse, I seem to have no will power.  If the baked good are in my house, they unfortunately won’t last till Christmas.  Wait I am wrong, they will last….in the form of additional pounds on my, lets just say Christmas Rump Roast!  Now I have done some baking in the past with the plans of wrapping it up and delivering it to my friends and family.  That was when I realized my new problem.

This addiction has slowly turned me into a baked goods hoarder.  Yes, you read correctly, hoarder!  I see all of the baked items and something comes over me and even though the counter and table are both full of fattening, delicious, oh so delicious treats, something in my brain tells me that there isn’t enough to go around so I shouldn’t share.  So I don’t.  If I am expecting company and want to put different food or dessert out for them with their coffee, I start making a plate of my treats but before it hits the table, I start putting things back and cut down the plate size by half.  I normally do share (even though my kindergarten report cards begs to differ) but there is just something about sharing my sweets.  You can ask my husband who I either hide treats from or lecture him on what he is allowed to eat!  The sad thing is that reality sinks in and I realize I can’t eat all of those stored goods so it almost gets wasted.  My hubby won’t stand for this so he starts eating it all (of course he is allowed to now).  For some reason, he gets mad at me for it…not sure why.  

Hopefully when Piper is a bit older and gets the same addiction to sweets like her momma, her and I don’t have a showdown to see who gets more of them…I hate to say it by my temper tantrum may be a bit better.

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