Christmas Everyday

Christmas Everyday I think these three, little ducks were onto something when they made this wish.  As the holidays are coming to a close and I wish loved one’s a save journey home, I find myself thinking; wishing that it could be Christmas everyday.  It’s not about the gifts, the lights, or the food.  It’s definitely not about the food…my hips can’t handle anymore!  It’s about those little miracles that happen.  No matter what situation a family might be in, rather it’s tough times or that well known family drama, things change come Christmas morn.  For one day, it’s as if time stops and all the sorrow, anger, stress and worries are turned down, making room for the sounds of joy, laughter and amazing memories being made.

Most importantly, people are filled with Christmas spirit.  People become nicer and start doing more to help out those in need or take the time to bring a smile to another’s face, even a complete stranger.  It’s as if people see an opportunity to do the right thing, but need to remind themselves that it’s Christmas, before they actually take that step.  This is why I want it to be Christmas everyday.  Why must a lot of people need a specific time of year to be kinder to others.  We shouldn’t need an excuse, we should just do it.  It’s these kind of actions that are contagious and cause a chain reaction.  I’m sure you’ve heard of a little thing called, paying it forward.

The spirit that fills our souls during the holidays is a powerful thing.  It reminds us what we have and the blessings that surround us.  It doesn’t matter if others may have more, as this is the time of year that we cherish what we do have and find a way to see the glass of egg nog half full.

As we move into a new year, it’s time to stay positive and stop needing an excuse to get the family together, share in joy and laughter, be kinder to one another, and count our blessings; just do it.  Like I said before, Christmas spirit is powerful, so why can’t it last all year long?  As I begin to pack away the Christmas tree and decorations, I’m going to ignore what the calendar says, because in my heart, it will be Christmas everyday.

Will you join me?

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