Fear Not.

Why does fear govern us? Why did fear govern me? It is the counterweight on the balance beam of confidence, wit, motivation, success; the list goes on.  I always feared making mistakes in everything not realizing that it was the biggest mistake I’d ever make. There is a lot in life that I could have done, paths that I could have taken. I didn’t. Finally, I am asking…why not? What was the big freaking deal? I now understand what it means to live without fear. Now does that mean I am about to ride roller coasters and skydive? Hmmm…probably not. What it does means is that I am going to live the life that I want to live and take…no… accept the risks that are involved.

One moment changed it all.

I stared fear in the face and it happened when I stared into another face; the face of my baby girl the first time we met.  A lot of people think that becoming a parent is the time to slow down and not take any risks because it’s not just you anymore.  That, my friends, is when you need to take the risks.  Don’t get me wrong, one needs to rely on logic when deciding on the risks to take but that doesn’t mean to fear them altogether.  I decided that I could never let fear get in the way of giving this little angel the love that she deserves.  I knew that would involve the risk of making mistakes, but it’s those mistakes that make us who we are.  That is a lesson I want my daughter and future children to learn; to live.

Now, I get to live the life that I want and I only have two questions.  What are your fears? Are you sure they are not just false evidence appearing real?


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