Floor Spice

Think you’re a good cook? Here’s a secret….that idea goes right out of the window when your cooking for a one year old!  When it comes to my little one, simple is always the best.  I can have things seasoned well, with extra add-ins here and there, but she still loves the simple things.  There’s one flavour that she seems to love….the flavour of our floor!  She will slowly eat certain foods which is a sign that she isn’t a huge fan of it.  After attempting so many bites, she strategically throws her food on the floor.  I used the word ‘strategically’ because after she is out of her highchair, she tries to gobble up the floor food before I have a chance to find the broom!  Silly me, I think that she must still be hungry, so I put her back in her chair and serve her again.  NOPE. She’s not having any of it!  I bet you can tell me what she does after I take her out again.  Yep, you guessed it…she dashes to her floor of apparent treasures and begins gobbling up the food again.

This settles it.  The floor spice must be delicious.  I guess we’re looking at the 5 second rule all wrong! We must wait 5 seconds before trying food that falls on the floor because it takes that long to absorb the amazing flavours.  As far fetched as this sounds, a recent outing makes me believe this theory even more.  I took Piper out to a kid’s play place and was feeding her in her highchair.  Watching her throw food on the floor was like watching someone throw a piece of meat into a shark tank.  Out of nowhere, all of these babies attacked each morsel of food.  I watched as the mothers were eagerly trying to grab their little sharks away from the feeding frenzy.  Now, I’m pretty sure that the mothers of these children were not starving them, so it must be that floor spice! I know theories are usually tested, but luckily I’m not a scientist, therefore I don’t have to eat off of the floor.       Floor Food

4 thoughts on “Floor Spice

  1. Scientific Mum

    It’s great for their gut community to have the most diversity in there that they can get. I think as long as you don’t clean the floor with chemicals and use natural products like lemon juice it can only be good! We don’t wear shoes in the house as pesticides etc are carried into the house.

    1. nickiebrook@live.com Post author

      You’re very right! I know my little one is building up a good immune system :) I don’t use harsh chemicals on the floor or wear shoes in the house either so all is good! Thanks for your comment :)


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