Hide ‘n Seek – Awkward Edition!

You know that moment when you realize that you’re playing a game with a toddler? If you have a toddler, then off course you do.  You think you’re simply living life and getting things done, just to find out that your toddler thought you were playing a game the whole time.  Some of these games never seem to end.  In my house, we apparently have an ongoing game of Hide and Seek.

Piper was settled (as much as she gets) colouring and having a snack so I took the opportunity to use the washroom…in peace.  I just needed a minute. I was almost finished…almost felt the sense of victory when the bathroom door violently flew open and smashed against the bathroom interior. Before I could put my heart back into my chest I heard, “I FOUND YOU, MOMMY!”.  This was followed by, “My turn for hide, count mom!”.

I knew I’d experience different things daily now that I’m a mom, but I couldn’t predict that one of them would be counting loudly while wiping and pulling up my pants.  Is it sad that I was mad that I lost that round? Like come on…if I knew it was my turn to hide, that little terd would have NEVER found me.

When it’s her turn to hide, she’s not too bad for a 2-year-old and definitely provides comedic relief.  Her basic strategy?  If she can’t see us, then we obviously can’t see her.  The best is when she covers herself with her blankie and simply stands in the middle of a room.  It’s funny how she seems to gather the hiding concept when it’s time for bed.  It takes longer then I’d want to admit to find her little toddler butt then.

Tell me this…if my toddler wants to play an endless game, why can’t it be, Sleeping Lions? I know you remember that game.

hide n seek

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