Holiday Traditions….Do they still have a pulse?

Christmas Traditions Holiday traditions come in all sorts of packages, but some may mean more to your family then you ever knew.  Many traditions are slowly fading, while commercial traditions are… what’s the nice way of saying, “being shoved down our throats“?  I’m not going to be the blogger about to knock the recognizable elf right off of it’s shelf because frankly, I’m actually fond of that idea, but I’m not going to rush for the paddles to bring those types of traditions back to life (if they’d ever die!).  I’m talking about the little things that families have done that automatically became a tradition that continue through the generations.  

I remember that my grandfather use to pick up this giant gingerbread house for the kids.  I have no clue where he got this.  I think he told us that Santa had left it for us, but I secretly thought my Grandma made it; she’s pretty cool like that.  He’d gather the kids around and lift up the edible masterpiece from it’s base and our eyes sparkled as candy poured out of it.  He didn’t do it often and he stopped all together at one point as we got older, but it’s something I never forgot and that’s the point.

Traditions like these need to continue because at the end of the day, they are memories.  When I was lucky enough to marry into my husband’s family, I got to experience new traditions.  It may be as simple as making sure every family member has their name on a special ornament on the tree, or the now adult children still referring to grape juice as, Christmas wine.  These simple traditions pack a punch as it’s adding another great memory.  Just as fences get stronger with every added plank, families get stronger with each happy memory. 

As I watch my little girl grow, I can’t wait to start holiday traditions with her.  I want to catch the sparkle in her eyes when she sees candy falling out of a gingerbread house that is bigger then her.  It’s just another opportunity I’ll get as a mother to fill her with amazing memories that I don’t need to worry about fitting into her car as she drives away to college.  She’ll always have them.

So…what are your holiday traditions? 


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