I Finally Get It…

“It’s something you will understand when you have kids”

I heard that many times in my life.  I am sure that my mom must have used that phrase countless of times when I was in my teens….probably for a good reason.  In fact, I am sure many people hear that phrase and some get offended by it, while others might just shrug it off. 

I have to admit that in my case…it was true.

Something happened today; something that got me really thinking about those ‘things’ that I probably wouldn’t have understood before becoming a mother.  My little girl rolled over for the first time.  For some, that might not be a big deal, but for me and other parents, that was a really proud moment.  In light of this glorious moment I wanted to put together a list of things that I didn’t understand until I became a mother.  To all my followers out there…go ahead and comment on this post to add to my list. 

The list…

  • In a matter of seconds, you could love something more than life itself
  • Seeing a tiny little face light up with a huge smile brings a tear to your eye
  • Being proud of the little milestones that just happen 
  • Feeling like it’s the end of the world when the batteries die in the baby swing or her favourite toy
  • Taking a million photos of the same ‘pose’ and not wanting to delete any
  • How much time it takes to actually get everyone ready and out the door
  • Favourite furniture and processions are put in storage or sold to make room for all of her ‘must haves’
  • How you enter full-on panic mode when the diaper bag is left behind
  • Having a need to buy too many cute baby clothes even though she will only wear them once…if at all
  • Needing to think hard about every decision you make because it isn’t just about you anymore
  • You are not grossed out when you find poop, pee and/or puke on you
  • When they are getting older and you can finally get more sleep and not have to change a diaper, you tear up because they are getting older.
  • How being a mother really does come naturally
  • Why you would want to do it all over again…and again
  • Believing in miracles

…and my little miracle turned 7 months old last week!  In honour of this post (and because you all keep asking for more) check out Piper’s 7 month photos :)

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6 thoughts on “I Finally Get It…

  1. the Entrepreneure

    This post is really sweet and inspirational :)
    I agree – we just only figure out many things when we become moms or dads.
    Congratulations for you both – it’s wonderful to see parents sharing these adventures and being proud of their kids. I guess we all can feel the love and kindness in each word.

    1. nickiebrook@live.com Post author

      Thanks Vanessa, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I feel the same way and hope the other readers do as well :)

  2. Ani

    I recently told my own mother, who is now 78 years old, that one of the best parts of being her child was her “Mom Magic.” I would be helping her at night with something and seeing that I was tired, she would send me off to bed. The next morning, I would wake up and it would all be done. Magic. She moved mountains at night, and then made us a pancake breakfast the next morning. Now I’ve my own children, and like you said, I get it. Whatever “it” is, it gets done, even if you run to the point of exhaustion. Because you’re a mom. She just breathed in, enjoyed the moment, and said this was the nicest things I had ever said to her. Because now I understood. :)

    1. nickiebrook@live.com Post author

      Thank you Ani for taking the time to share this! It is very inspiring for moms and I can appreciate every word. We are very fortune to have great mothers inspiring us to become great mothers :) My best to your mom, you and your family.


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