I’m Back!

As moms, we hear the same story. You know the one that I’m talking about…where moms often lose themselves after they have a baby. That always stuck in my mind after having, Piper and I tried to make some time for myself, to sneak in things that made me happy (besides my daughter, of course!)

Fast forward a few years; things changed. You can see by my lack of blog posts exactly when things started to change. Like many people, I got busy and needed to prioritize. Unfortunately, the things that made me happy…made me who I am, got itemized at the bottom of the list. When I ran out of time in a day or a week, those listed items disappeared.

Now there’s a new drooling, time-stealing, poop machine in my life and almost 5 months after his arrival, I’m finally feeling down and overwhelmed. Not to mention that I’m still working a lot in his first year. It took some time for me to understand why I’ve been feeling a little weird. Why I’ve struggled with making plans, making decisions and heck, even making supper.

After giving so much of myself to my family, including my little creations, I lost pieces of myself. As much as we want to always put our loved ones first, especially our children, we need to make time for the things that we’re passionate for; things that make up who we are. In case you haven’t noticed, in a long winded (probably not so creative way) I’m announcing my return to the blogging world. I may have done a few posts here and there, but definitely not enough. So don’t be hard on me for this rocky post. The majority of writing I’ve been doing involves children’s books so it may take me a bit to get back into the swing of blog writing…well, writing for those that can legally drink!

But…can you see why I’m distracted at home? This. Face.

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