I’m Not Missing…I’m on Vacation!

I’m sure some of you have noticed that I haven’t been blogging a lot lately.  I was spending a lot of time on my books as they are in the final publishing stages.  After that, we left for Ontario for Piper’s baptism and visiting family.  I was planning on blogging a lot while here, but got distracted by Niagara falls and wine tours…ok, maybe just wine in general.  I really needed this vacation!

It has been a success thus far as my little weirdo loved the plane ride.  This mother isn’t complaining!  She was all smiles and was flirting with a little baby boy behind us (yep, she’s definitely my child) and didn’t cry at all. Since it’s 2014…we have plane selfies!

Plane Selfies!!

Our visit to Niagara falls was great and it was interesting to watch Piper stare and smile at the falls.  We are only 30 minutes away at Nana and Papa’s house so we have gone back a few times and will be heading there again today.  Mostly since I left my mother there two days ago! We might go for lunch again at the Rain Forest Café because we can have a full relaxing meal because Piper is too busy watching the electronic animals to be a pain in the bottom! 



Fun at the Falls!

Fun at the Falls!

On this trip we discovered that Piper goes nuts when she sees animals.  She giggles and tries to talk to them.  Who knows, maybe they are the only mammals that can understand her!  We are going to take her to some zoos and hopefully she doesn’t get entered into the exhibits after she acts so nutsy to see all of the animals!  Well, maybe they can keep her with the monkeys for a couple of days!


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    1. nickiebrook@live.com Post author

      Thanks so much! We ended up going to a smaller one with a lot of space between Piper and the animals. She was more interested in the ducks then anything else :)


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