Is There an App for That?

There’s-An-App-For-That-How-Mobile-Is-Changing-The-Face-Of-RetailIn this century there seems to be an app for almost everything…almost is the key word! I would like to see someone design an app for putting a baby to sleep…wait a minute there is actually an app that has different white noises for babies to listen to in order to help them fall asleep, including lullabies.  What about feeding schedules…yep there is one for that too.  Parents can actually keep track of how much a baby sleeps, eats and even poops!  Technology might slowly be taking over but it will never replace parenting.  I am not about to use the Magic Eight Ball app to make decisions for my little girl…even though it might be easier sometimes!  My generation relies on their cell phones and technology way too much and I am one of them but unfortunately it can’t do everything.  When there is an app for changing a diaper, then I will stand corrected!

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