It Happened…

I’ve seen this on TV, and heard about this in the ‘mommy world’, but it finally happened to me.

I just put Piper down for a nap and was getting ready to make my lunch when I noticed something on my arm. After 2 years of motherhood, I finally asked that horrible question out loud, “is it chocolate or poop?”.

Yep, there it was on my arm, a brown gunk of question.  Since I recently changed a Piper Bomb, you’d think that I wouldn’t need to ask that question. Well, if you knew me, you’d know that I just had chocolate too (it’s pretty much a daily thing). 

I’m sure you’re wondering what I did.  Did I just figure it was chocolate and lick it?  ARE YOU NUTS?  No, I didn’t just lick it.  I have the worst luck in the world and was not about to play the poop’n chocolate roulette game.  Besides, the chances of me letting chocolate escape is pretty slim. What I did do is practice this thing called ‘adulting’ and washed it off.  I took it as finally getting the last initiation into the Mommy Club.

To ease everyone’s curiosity of the actual answer…don’t worry, it was totally poop.

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