It’s Here!


It’s here…Fall!  I just want to say that it’s here and I LOVE it!  It is my favorite season!  There is something soothing that happens to me this time of year.  The beautiful colors of the leaves bring me back to the first day of school that was always so exciting. The essence of change is laced in the brisk mornings.  It is the start of something new and the chance to do things better this time around.  I know that New Years is the time that most people feel this way, but for me it’s the fall.

Fall brings Thanksgiving; time with family.  It also brings Halloween and who doesn’t like to dress up and carve pumpkins…ohhhh pumpkins – pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice candles and soaps and my favorite….pumpkin spice lattes!!!

I love the fall and all that it brings…especially the pumpkin spice lattes 😉

That is all!



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