January Has Arrived!

Just as I knew they would, the holidays went by too fast and January is now upon us!  I have to say, it’s the new year and I am pumped! I am going hard on my home business and blessed that I can spend more time with my hubby and baby Piper :)  We had amazing holidays with friends and family and it was a great time to unwind and reflect.  Even though, I was busy hosting a bunch of holiday ‘get togethers’ it was just what I and my family needed to get refocused.  What do I say to the new year?  In the words of 30 year old high school cheerleaders… BRING IT ON! 

In the light of the new year, I wanted to post the youtube video that got the most views in 2013!  Being that it was so popular, I will assume that people are not interested in what cheerleaders have to say, but more to what the fox has to say!



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