Movember Fail!

t1fmQQz0bSo after I state in my previous post that my wonderful husband was not a loud to grow a moustache due to work, he came home from being gone for a couple of days and take a guess what furry thing was on his face….. no, it wasn’t a hamster (in case that was your guess) a moustache! Well, if you could call it one…it hasn’t reached majority yet since it takes him a bit to grow facial hair.  Now with his work restrictions, he still needs a clean seal for any face masks so you can probably guess what kind of moustache he seeded to grow…yep, ‘the box car‘ (refer to the picture in my previous post).  I guess it could have been worse.  After going all of these years without participating in Movember, I asked him why and his response was, “well everyone at my work is doing it“.  There you go, peer pressure at it’s finest!

With all jokes aside, I am glad that we can bring awareness to Prostate Cancer and hope that him looking ridiculous (sorry babe) will inspire another man to get checked out :)

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