Peter Pan Theory

For as long as I remember, I always wanted to grow up….to be an adult.  This goes as far back as when I was just a little girl.  As odd as it sounds,  I think I did.  I wanted it so bad for some reason that I always seemed to act a few years above my age.  To make myself clear, I am not talking about the time in Grade One when I stuffed my dance bodysuit with Barbie doll clothes in order to have a B cup or when I plastered enough makeup on my face that same year that it looked like I admired the local hooker.

I figured I would mention this since my mother and Grade One teacher bring it up every chance they get….yes it even found it’s way into my wedding. 

What I am talking about is my maturity level and the level of responsibilities that I wanted to take on.  Whether this was cooking for my family or helping give my friends advice, I just wanted to be older.  Now I look back and think; why?  Why in the world was I in such a hurry to grow up?  I feel like the world was such a better place when I could believe in Peter Pan.  With this came the belief that anything is possible when you just think of a happy thought.  Maybe it can still be like that…stay with me here.  When bad things happen to us or others that we hear about on the news and it effects us…why not just think of a happy thought?  In times like these, think about the good things in your life that others might not have or just the good that comes out in people when bad things happen.  Unlike what happens in Neverland, we won’t physically fly but we have the opportunity to fly emotionally.

At the same effect, it doesn’t hurt to simply do what Tinkerbell suggests and just believe.  Yes, I understand that Neverland exists on paper or film only or that fairies don’t die when children don’t believe in them.  I am just saying that when you are having a bad day and are tired of the stresses from the real world, there is no harm in having an imagination and taking the time to mentally go to your happy place; your Neverland.

I can’t wait until my daughter gets older when I can rock her gently and read her stories.  I can’t wait till I can introduce her to Peter Pan and the Neverland gang.  I can’t wait until I can see the belief in her eyes or hear it in her voice.  I can’t wait until I can believe along side her and return to Neverland once again….


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