Some People’s Children

Dear Baby Hating Gentleman in the Restaurant:

I am not blind or stupid.  I saw you glare and roll your eyes at me when you saw you were being seated next to a person with a baby.  I loved the sigh noise too by the way.  You did an awesome job at proving that there are still ignorant people out there who judge people or a situation right off the bat.  I am not sure if you noticed by the end of your meal, but my baby did not make a peep during your nice lunch.  I am wrong, I will apologize for the giggles that she made a couple of times…oh the shame.  If you are acting like that because you have had bad experiences with kids in restaurants before (I’m not going to lie, I have been in those situations) you should just not risk it and go to a restaurant that does not allow babies.  I would like to add that if my 4 month old decided to cry uncontrollably, I would have went someone else to sooth her and I would have done my best to ensure she did not destroy your amazing soup and sandwich combo.

Just so you know, your girlfriend was looking past you and was in awe of my adorable little girl who was smiling at her.  She is now baby crazy.  You are welcome.  I win.


A Human Being with a Miniature Human Being Whom Deserves Respect.


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12 thoughts on “Some People’s Children

  1. British Blokes Cooking

    Unfortunately we won’t be ‘one of us’…However, the joy we feel when we meet a small ‘human bean’ in an eatery or anywhere else is amazing. Especially when compared to meeting Mr Grumpy “this is my space” Nobody. Children are all of our legacies, and if we don’t treat them right what hope have we got? Interact, play peek-a-boo, smile, show them that they fit in the world. But know when to step back because YOU make them anxious. What a complete…we’re British. So we won’t complete that sentence, just leave it to your imagination…

    1. Post author

      Thanks for your comment, I agree! I can definitely complete your sentence..but in my head only! :)

  2. bricaron

    Ha! At the last season premiere of Downton Abbey our local PBS did a theme dinner/showing. I went, and brought my son who was a month old at the time, and still nursing. A couple that was seated at our table requested to be moved because of “the child”. They were moved to another table, with a different baby, who WAILED all evening long. My son slept in the Moby the entire time :)

    (I tried walking the other woman’s baby for a bit, so the mom could eat- said baby was less than impressed with a stranger touching her, lol)


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