Terrified for the Future…..

I remember my mother telling me something similar to this quote when I was very young and was upset because someone had said something mean to me at school….


I am a person who always thinks ahead and stresses over things that haven’t even happened, or might not happen.  If I had a dime for every time someone has told me to calm down because we will simply “cross that bridge when we get there”, I’d be pretty wealthy by now…but that won’t change my way of thinking.  

Like all new or ‘soon to be’ moms, I constantly think about my little one and the problems we might face in the future…right now, my biggest fear is bullying.  I wasn’t bullied too much, but enough that it effected me.  Fast forward to now, I don’t think I could have handled being bullied in this generation.  With all of the new technologies that have sprung up, it takes bullying to a whole new level.  Cyber-bullying? Really? You know, since the normal bullying wasn’t bad enough when I was in school, now people can do it over text messaging or social media.

I would hate to think that my daughter will face this when she is in school and the big question is…. how in the hell will I handle that!  My mother just retired as a teacher and sadly, she didn’t have faith in the school system to handle it either. All I know is that it will break my heart to see my children going through something like that and there seems to be many ways to step in, but they each can backfire.

What will break my heart more? What if my daughter IS the bully?  Will it matter how she is raised or taught…will she cave into the pressure of the ‘cool group’ and become something that we raised her not to be?

I guess I need to just calm down and cross that bridge when or if I get there….

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