“The Moment When…” Mom Addition!

Confused Kid

The moment when…

you are admiring your beautiful baby when she sneezes in your face and gives you her cold.

you baby toots very loudly while you are shopping and even the ‘people of Walmart’ judge you.

you lack sleep and put the baby’s formula in your coffee.

you just finish changing a diaper and getting all of the layers of clothes done up when your little one looks right at you, fills her pants and smiles.

you get dressed up, go out and a stranger points out that you have a baby powder handprint on your little black dress.

you stop buying make-up remover and start using baby wipes that you stock piled.

you buy a new toy or baby item, get it set up and realize it takes a crap load of batteries that you don’t have.

you praise your baby for burping loudly, yet you just scolded your husband for doing the exact same thing two minutes earlier.

you can’t figure out how to operate a toy that is for ages 0-2.

you toot loudly while you are shopping and blame the baby.



27 thoughts on ““The Moment When…” Mom Addition!

  1. theempathyqueen

    The baby wipes are good in a pinch to clean around the sink and the toilet too! Too funny, being a Mom, it is incredible the things we learn how to do that evolution never accounted for.
    Thanks so much for reading and following my blog. Great list and I love a sense of humor!

    1. nickiebrook@live.com Post author

      Thanks! I did have another one and just added to the page! Your are very welcome, I will be stopping by your page again soon :)


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