The True Meaning of Mother’s Day

I’ve always respected Mother’s Day since I respected my mother and everything she did.  I can definitely say that I have a truly different understanding now that I am a mother.  I know every mother out there is different, but I see this day as something different.  Many people treat it as a day to reflect on what your mother has done for you and having the opportunity to show her how much you appreciate her.  I see it the other way around.  This is a day for the mothers to reflect on the joys of simply being a mother.  This joy is a wish not granted for many women in the world and one that others take for granted.  

My excitement grew as Mother’s Day approached this year because I was finally in the category.  I’m a mother now.  This made me respect how much of an honour it is.  It will be nice to get gifts but my favourite gift this year is going to be my beautiful little girl.  Piper is the gift that will keep on giving, and no I don’t mean diapers and spit up (even though I get a lot of those types of gifts from her) I keep getting smiles, giggles and all of those milestones that I will not take for granted.  

For those who truly think of Mother’s Day as a time to reflect on how amazing our mothers are and show our gratitude, I have one question for you.

Why do we wait for a calendar to tell us to do this? 

We should never forget what our mothers have done for us and who we are because of them.  We should take every opportunity we get to show our appreciation.  Sometimes we take our mothers for granted, but it’s a wish not granted for many.

In conclusion, I don’t have to buy my mother a gift this Mother’s Day, because she has me as a daughter; best darn gift ever….just kidding 😉

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother and mother-in-law, whom have been amazing EVERYDAY this year, not just on May 11th.  

From this mother to all of the other superheroes out there…

Happy Mother's Day

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