The Unthinkable Happened….

So I headed out for some quick shopping with my husband and little Piper.  I was left in the vehicle while my husband ran into a store to pick something up.  Piper was sleeping soundly so I grabbed my purse and started digging through it,  I felt panic set in as I realized that the unthinkable happened…..I forgot my cell phone at home!

That meant I had to sit in the vehicle and just wait…just wait without texting, surfing the web, going on Facebook or Twitter.  The misery I felt was unreal, and really…it was just not right!  Rewind back about 15 years….when my then called ‘dinosaur’ cell phone didn’t have web access and ‘texting’ wasn’t cool yet.  I am pretty sure I could wait in line at a grocery store or wait for my turn at the doctors office without needing to pick up my cell phone.  Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t really the patient type, but I think I am a lot worse with the new technology out there.  Now that I am used to having my phone during any ‘wait times’ I find it impossible to wait at all without it.  I can remember waiting a long time for pages to load when I had dial up internet.  Now, with having high speed for so long, I have a hissy fit when I have to wait for more then 10 seconds for a page to load!

There isn’t a huge meaning to this blog, but I guess I am just thinking that there is always the odd con weighing on the scale along with the pros of new technology and this ever changing world.  Now with this being said, am I planning on ‘forgetting’ my cell phone here and there again…..HELL NO!

Signed…the impatient one


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