To My Daughter on her Birthday

Dear Piper:

After many precious moments, the time is here.  You turn 1 today.  I’m a little behind on completing your baby book, so I thought I would make a special birthday post for you.  I’m a little selfish because this letter is for me too.  Years down the road, I can look back at this and remember exactly how I felt on your first birthday.  So here goes nothing…

In what seemed like hours, you came into this world and in what seems like seconds, you approached your first birthday.  So many mothers out there warned me that this would happen; that time would fly by.  I fortunately took their advice to heart and tried to cherish every moment.  Oh, my sweet, little girl; the moments that we shared with you.  You are so sweet, but yet a total goofball.  You started to smile so young and your eyes still shine with so much happiness.  Nothing makes me more happy and complete to see this.  I want you to always remember that a lot of hard times won’t seem so bad if you continue through life with a smile.  

A lot of people laughed when they would see me take so many pictures of you, but there was a secret behind it.  Yes, I love photography, but that wasn’t my only motive.  Are you ready for the reason?  Since it’s impossible to freeze time, I was simply trying to freeze many moments  in time.  Now, that’s possible.

When I rocked you in my arms, I’d gently whisper in your ears.  I’d tell you that you’re such a lucky little girl because you’re loved by so many people.  Here’s another secret.  We are truly the lucky ones because we get to love you.  You changed so many lives the day you were born and I know you’ll continue to do so.  For being so little, you hold a lot of power.  Piper, you were the final inspiration for me to live my dreams because I want you to always do the same.  It was time that I became a role model in that department.  You make me want to be a better person and will always be my muse.

It doesn’t matter if people think you are just like me, or just like your dad.  I know you are the best parts of both of us and will always be perfect the way you are.  Even though I’m sad that you’re growing so fast, I’m so excited for the milestones that are yet to come.  

Happy birthday, Piper.  Thank you for enriching our loves and making your dad and I the superheroes that we’ve always wanted to be.

You’ll learn that I sometimes go over the top and this time is no different.  In honour of your first birthday, I put together a little video to summarize your first year and our best year.



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