Walmart Road Rage!

Trage-Cover-WebSo is it just me or do others get road rage when behind people with their shopping carts at Walmart, or any store for that matter!  I have had to stop myself many times from physically removing people and their carts out of my way.  Why must people just suddenly stop in the way and take ten minutes to decide if they need or want that particular item?  I didn’t realize that picking out the perfect paper towel is a life changing effect.  I don’t make up my mind quickly, but at least I get out of the way when I am deciding.  I am sure I am like a lot of people, (especially mothers) that when I go shopping, I have a purpose.  This means I know what I need, I know where it is located and I know the quickest way to get to it.  With this, I get a little crazy when something or ‘someone’ gets in the way of my goal!

Am I ashamed? Yes.  Will it happen again? Yes.

With all of this being said, I did a lot of my Christmas shopping online this year.

I wonder if I could get a ‘careless driving’ fine in I rear end someone in the aisle?


A Stressed out Shopper who Shouldn’t be Trying to Diet During the Holidays.


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