Wanna Play?

Okay everyone, let’s play a game.  I am going to give you three names and you are going to try and guess what they all have in common.  Ready?

Oprah, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela 

Do you have it?  No, it’s not that they are all famous.

They all took risks

Each of them got something different out of it, whether it was fame, success or respect.  All of them became inspirations and knew that they lived their life to the fullest and made their mark; a mark that would positively effect the life of others for the times to come.  With the passing of Steve Jobs and Nelson Mandela, the world was hit hard because of the life that they lived and the risks that they took.

The majority of people who are living the lives that they have always desired got there by taking risks.  From the young entrepreneurs who are now millionaires to the famous actors.

In relation to my post about fear, taking risks is what life is about.  So you take a risk and it doesn’t work…who cares? What is the big deal?  You think you failed; you are wrong.  You just gained something of importance.  You LEARNT from your experience.  After that, you GREW from it.  Whether the risk you took got you the results you wanted, it still got you results.



I never took risks.  I played it safe.  I didn’t accomplish anything.  I had not idea what I was capable of.

There are two huge risks I took.  They changed my life.

1) I told a boy what I really felt, that I loved him.  This was a huge risk for me because I was always scared of the word ‘love’ and I wasn’t sure I believed in it.  What happened?

Fast forward 6 years.  I married that boy.  Fast forward another year.  I had his baby.  I have never been more happy with my little family and to think that it may never happened if I was too scared to share my feelings.

2) I signed up with Empower Network and started my online business.  This was a risk for me because even after my great experience with my last risk, I still thought this online business was too good to be true.  The funny thing is that I didn’t need to throw a bunch of money at it, so I never felt a financial risk.  It was easy to follow the steps online and sign up.  It was my mind set.  I thought I had a better chance to support my family at my 9-5 job.  I didn’t want to waste my time.  What happened?

Fast forward 2 weeks.  I made $1600 in one day.  Fast forward 5 months.  I am successful.  Fast forward one year from now…I am going to be living the dream with my family, the results of my first big risk!

We can play that same game again and add Nickie Brook to that list because I took a risk and I get to live out my dreams and inspire others.  No regrets.  Those who risk nothing actually end up risking EVERYTHING.

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2 thoughts on “Wanna Play?

  1. Errol

    Without placing an investment in yourself, it’s difficult to develop a return. I like the idea of taking that extra step and not deciding to walk away, when you’re one step from victory. It’s usually that last step from success, where people fold under pressures and walk away. Sometimes it only takes that one extra step, but the moment you begin defining yourself on failures, that one extra step seems like a billion miles.


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