Who Are You?

It always amazes me how much society and people influence us to act or behave in a certain way.  As a teen, I felt it was hard for me to ‘find’ myself because I seemed to be influenced to act like others or take interest in certain things if it was popular.  It was as if I was a blank canvas and the world held the paintbrush that helped fill me in.  As an early adult, I became blank again, but this time the people who I admired held the paintbrush.  The pool of painters included my mother, grandparents, certain teachers and work mentors.  It sadly took me a while to realize that this is my life so why shouldn’t I get to hold the paint brush? I can still be influenced by those who I admire, but I don’t have to necessarily be them.

I needed to step back and figure out who I wanted to be and not care what others thought.  As people, we are aloud to have our own opinions and desires and it doesn’t have to make sense to the world…it just has to make sense to us.  Sometimes allowing others to guide our hands can be a big leap of faith.  How are we to know if they are guiding us in the right direction?  I am not saying that having faith is a bad thing, but we shouldn’t always rely on it.  It’s time to take charge! 

When I realized who I was, I knew what I needed to do to make me happy.  It took for me to have a baby and become a parent to learn how to take control.  Everyone has their own opinions on how to raise children and a lot of people judge those different opinions.  When it comes to our daughter, my husband and I get to make the decisions that will have an impact on her life.  No one else get’s to make these decisions because we need to believe in them… to be able to sleep at night!  Yes, we will take advice now and then, but the end decisions belong to us.  Coming to this conclusion made me realize that it really should be like that for everything, not just when you are raising children.  I need to make my own decisions because it’s my life!   Now, I have a new home business and get to live another way of life and couldn’t be happier.

So who are you?   Hopefully whoever you want to be.


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