Why Go Out?

After spending the evening out at a pub for my husband’s birthday, a friend asked me if I miss the bar scene now that I have a baby and don’t make it out to ‘party’ much (not like I really did before, but that kinda ruins the punch line here)

Do I miss not spending more nights out with friends, having a few drinks?  That got me thinking and my readers should know what that means!  I introduce to you…

 The Top Ten Reasons Why My Baby is Like a Drunk Person

1) She has no shame being naked in public.

2) She can vomit without warning.

3) She passes out after having a bottle.

4) She can only stand up if she’s holding onto something, just to fall a couple seconds later.

5) She can burst into tears for no particular reason.

6) She will pass out in odd places

7) She thinks it’s hilarious when she burps or farts.

8) She doesn’t make sense when she talks.

9) She will suddenly get too affectionate and try to cuddle you.

And of course…

10) She wets herself.

I hope that answers my friend’s question.  To summarize, why do I need to hang out at a bar or pub, when I have a little drunk at home :)


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      Thanks so much for your feedback, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully it’s not a touchy subject 😉


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